Give children living in orphanages throughout the world a loving family today! 

Many people are not aware there is an orphan crisis plaguing countries in the developing world. We are on a mission to minimize institutional care for at-risk children. 

Utilizing our Children First Software, we are working to get these kids reunified with their immediate family or provide them the opportunity to be adopted domestically or internationally. 

With your help, this orphan crisis can be solved. How?

Because the largest contributing factor to the orphan crisis is simply a lack of data. 

Countries like Honduras, Uganda and the Dominican Republic did not have the infrastructure to quickly and accurately identify an orphan, document them and place them into a searchable database. And for many countries, it remains a challenge to track lost children and keep up with the number of families seeking adoption opportunities. 

Because of this, children are needlessly stuck living in orphanages for years when people want to adopt and raise them. It doesn't have to be this way.

Through our software and partnership with countries in our Global Working Group, we believe, with your help we can give millions of children the life they deserve to live. We are already working in 5 countries around the world to provide an identity for every orphan, determine if there are family members searching for them, or put them on a path to a loving family that will adopt them. 

Together with leaders in numerous countries we have created a searchable record for over 12,000 children. These children are no longer invisible, but there are countless thousands more that are waiting for your help.

Your support will …

  • … give children surviving in orphanages across the world a loving family

  • … give families searching for lost children the news they’ve been waiting for

  • … give loving parents the joy of family

We hope you will consider a special year-end gift today to assist us as we continue to expand our work into other countries who need it desperately.

Please make your special year-end gift below now and change an orphan's life forever.

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